Lush Haul – #30happydays

Who doesn’t enjoy some shopping? I definitely do, so for today’s post I want to share with you some pieces I got from Lush – which to me looks like absolute heaven 😍

My favourite bath bomb! I love the smell to pieces, if only I could I would buy a perfume with the same scent! It does make the whole bathroom smell good though!DSC_0252.JPG

Tea Tree Water and Tea Tree Gel.
This is a great combo for combination skin, super refreshing and cleansing!DSC_0263.JPG

Mask of Magnaminty
I’ve been using this for years and I always go back and buy it! I love that it dries and you can scrub it on your face to deep cleanse it. It also smells like peppermint so it goes well with the overall freshness used with the toner and the gel when the skin is breaking out.DSC_0258.JPG

Unicorn Horn
This is a bubble bar that I got a few weeks ago, and unfortunately is not currently available. I’m sure they’ll bring it out again soon. It looks absolutely lovely and – of course – it smells fantastic. I don’t know if I can use it, it’s just SO PRETTY!DSC_0248

Which are your favourite pieces?

Have fun shopping,


I love singing – #30happydays

Another part of my life I’ve never talked about on my blog is my unconditional love for music and singing.

One day when I was about 13 I happened to watch a couple of girls from my school performing for a school event and I was completely blown away by the chills I got from the music. The most touching thing probably was seeing girls just like me doing this, making it more down to earth and real.

When I went home I couldn’t stop thinking about them and I was kind of sad because I felt like I was missing out on something, being only a little dot in the crowd watching a great show. I kept imagining me on the stage and with every song I listed to I was making up actual concerts in my mind.

I never thought in a million years though that I could do it, because I believed it was too much for a person like me, for a shy person. I told my mom these exact words, and she answered something like: “Why not? Just do it. Only because people think you’re shy it doesn’t mean it has to be like this forever, or if it does, nobody said a shy person can’t sing”. I actually had nothing to argue to that. And deep down I think I wanted to do it so badly that I didn’t care.

I booked a lesson with my music teacher from kindergarten, because I knew he had a music school also. I was so anxious, one of the hardest things ever, I think.


My voice was okay, so that meant I could start to learn how to use it! It felt incredible, hearing my voice coming from the speakers through the microphone.

And so I found one of my biggest passions. Music is something that defines me, it’s something that helps me in the best and worst moments. It wasn’t always easy but absolutely the best thing I could do. It gives me chills, it makes me really happy, I can’t even explain it.

Since today I went ahead and made a big step buying a great microphone to start recording music at home, I thought it was the right time to add music to my #30happydays, because seeing my beautiful set up surely made my happy day today.

What’s your biggest passion?

Keep dreaming,

My Volunteering Experience – #30happydays

So here comes a challenging topic to talk about on my blog. Not because it’s something bad, but because it’s so specific and unique I’m afraid I will never write well enough to make you all understand what it means to me.

Let’s start from the beginning.
My high school organises every year a summer camp inside the school. Kids from 6 to 13 years old come to stay for 8 hours everyday and a big excited and happy group of lovely students are there for them. I was part of this group.

Being part of this group means that you give your time and all your energies to those kids, and you don’t want to just babysit them, you want them to be entertained, you want them to be happy, to learn something new, you want to be a role model for them and always be there.

The group meet all year long once a week to share moments of growth together, in order to know how to do this in the summer, but more than anything to grow as a person, because we think that we should give the best of ourselves to the kids and be a stable figure with strong values to guide them the right way, being in the right place, neither from a friend’s spot nor from a teacher’s spot.

After doing this for four years, I decided to continue being part of the group, having a different role. I now talk to the younger guys about my past experience hoping to give them something for their own growth, I stand by them during this journey being there to catch them when they fall and to be proud when I see them doing some good for the world.

So what does this have to do with my 30 happy days?

It’s actually the most exciting thing of this month so far. I just spent the last three days preparing for and being at a massive retreat we had with all the volunteering groups that follow the same path as ours from the north and centre of Italy, and it was our turn to host it at our place. It’s been an amazing ride, just like always. We get tired but we are so excited and happy we don’t even notice. So we danced, we shared our experiences, we met new people and we left enriched, which is exactly the point of all this.

I always feel at home when I’m with the group and it is such a big part of my life I don’t think I’d be the same person without it. I overcame so many of my issues by going there and challenging myself, and also by talking with our tutors or the other group members – which have become my friends.

This is my happy post for the last three days and I think the highlight of the whole series so far.

Have you ever had a volunteering experience?

Do some good for the world,

Car rides playlist – #30happydays

Ever since I got my driving licence I’ve loved putting together the right playlist for my rides. I don’t spend too much time being picky, I don’t care if the songs are ‘too mainstream’ for those high music experts who think that commercial music is the devil, I just want to have fun and get excited and happy! So here goes:

I Took A Pill In Ibiza – SeeB Remix – Mike Posner
When We Were Young – Adele
Bang Bang – Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj
Work from Home – Fifth Harmony, Ty Dolla $ign
Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars
Fast Car – Radio Edit – Jonas Blue, Dakota
Ex’s & Oh’s – Elle King
7 Years – Lukas Graham
Drag Me Down – One Direction
Lean On (feat. MØ & DJ Snake) – Major Lazer, MØ, DJ Snake
Ghost Town – Adam Lambert
Riptide – Vance Joy
Here – Alessia Cara
Love Me Like You Do – From “Fifty Shades Of Grey” – Ellie Goulding
Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
Photograph – Ed Sheeran
Cheap Thrills – Sia
Bird Set Free – Sia
Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood
Moves Like Jagger – Studio Recording From The Voice Performance – Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera
Hey There Delilah – Plain White T’s
Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
Faded – Alan Walker
Lionheart – Demi Lovato
YOUTH – Troye Sivan
BLUE – Troye Sivan, Alex Hope
Be The One – Dua Lipa
Light It Up (feat. Baby K) – Ora Che Non C’è Nessuno, Remix – Major Lazer, Baby K
Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande

Let’s all have a little dance together,

Happy Birthday to me! – #30happydays

Today is my birthday. I’m turning 20, which is incredible. I don’t know whether it’s because my life is currently on pause due to some issues, or because it feels like yesterday that I turned 15, but I am really shocked by seeing that little “2” on my age.

It’s a whole new chapter now, and since I feel a very bad FOMO sometimes, I really want to work on myself to improve my positive thinking, so that I can enjoy every single moment.
I don’t want to find myself at 40 years old looking back to my past years with regrets, feeling that I’ve wasted my time. I really need to try harder, because I’ve been too negative lately. I need to see the good in the world.

This is also why I decided to start this 30happydays challenge, during my birthday month, to push myself to find the happiness in my life, because it doesn’t always come right at you slamming onto your head, sometimes you have to go look for it, open your eyes to see it.

People are great, my life is great, and difficulties are part of all of this, they can’t define me. I’d like to quote Joey Graceffa here, who said in his Draw My Life that we shouldn’t be victims of our environment. I think this is great for everyone’s life, no matter how silly or tragic our problems are.

When I was blowing my candles and I was about to make my birthday wish, without even realising I blew them out saying “I don’t have any birthdays wishes”. In the back of my mind I was thinking that I already have everything I need to be happy, EVEN IF there have been quite a few things that put down my mood lately.
It’s beautiful and strange to think that this happened, of all birthdays, right now, on the darkest moment I’ve ever experienced in my life so far. I am living a difficult moment but I still managed to say – without even realising – that I am fine.

This says a lot on the way we can live, and I definitely want to continue and get better and better at being always positive and radiant!

Are you happy right now?

Find the positive,

Why I journal – #30happydays

Something that really makes me happy is keeping a journal. I’ve been doing it since I was about 8, and I have tons and tons of diaries and notebooks filled with my ramblings. For the first couple of years it was really all about writing “I don’t know what to write, hello, my name is Noemi”. Then with time passing and me growing up, my life became a little more exciting and I started writing actual dialogues I had with people, or making lists of things happened during the day.

One of the benefits I get from journaling is that it keeps written down and safe a lot of stuff you would otherwise forget, and going back to the pages after a while feels great! We all have things we would never want to forget, and this really helps with all the details that are easy to forget but that make the said event so special. It’s like living again the memories from the past and it really makes me smile every time.

Going back through your journal is also helpful to better understand yourself. Some situations don’t really make sense in the heat of the moment, you may be crazy upset or sad, or too happy or whatever you feel, but when you look at them from the outside it all starts to come together, and you can really see the bigger picture.

I personally find venting really therapeutic, so IF I CAN I try to write down everything that is driving me mad before doing or saying anything stupid out of impulsivity. Same thing when I’m sad. I turn on some music and I write down how I feel. Somehow putting those words out of my head relieves me and makes me lighter. It’s like cleaning my head and better organising my thoughts.

Another thing that comes with journaling is that you can go back and really appreciate your life as it is. Sometimes I tend to see everything negative, but then I remember how great my life is, reading it black on white in the journal, and I feel better.

This also lets you see how much you grow and mature over time. Even just by reading how you put words together in a sentence shows you the changes you go through in life. The way of writing changes, the way you face your daily situations, the things you want to write down. From my lists of events, I now write pages and pages of feelings and thoughts connected to those events.

I think in 20 years I’ll enjoy even more reading my diaries, and this is why I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Ever, actually.

Do you journal?

Write and clean the mind,

Meet my dog! – #30happydays

What made me happy today was just a simple thing: realising how fortunate I am to know the love pets can give.

This is my dog Vanni, she’s a long haired german shepherd and has such a sweet attitude I am everyday amazed by her.
She sleeps A LOT, probably because she spends the night chasing who knows what in our backyard, and she SNORES a lot too.
Sometimes though she’s in a playful mood, like today, when she wouldn’t let me sit down on the floor without calling me with her paws (I think she believes she’s a monkey and not a dog, as she acts like she has actual arms). I managed to take a horrible quality picture with my phone to capture the moment:

We didn’t really train her to make her do stuff like roll over or jump when we say so, because she’s always had a great attitude on her own, except the occasional puppy-moment when she refuses to walk and sits down to make it clear. In fact, she makes a lot of things clear: she always lets us know if she needs to go out, by standing in front of the door looking at us, if she needs more water she moves her bowl, and things like that.
Sometimes she just wants a cuddle and she uses her paws to call us, and the whole scene sounds a lot like “hey, I’m down here, give me attentions!”
She never leaves our sides, if we’re in a room, she comes with us – with a priority for my mom. Mom is always mom after all!

She lays down right under our chairs or beside the sofa and just stays there for hours. During her naps she comes up with THE WEIRDEST poses, like this one, with her tummy and legs up in the air. She’s just too funny. She also recently learned how to open doors with her nose, so one day I found her in the bathroom while I was blowdrying my hair, one day I woke up and found her at the end of my bed, she came to sleep to my room.
One thing she never does is catching toys, she just can’t be bothered, no matter how excited you are to play throw and catch. I guess she got that from me, being this very active and athletic person I am! (Maybe I will talk about my non-ability to do sports later on)

I know a dog’s life is very short and that makes me so sad I can barely breath when I think about it. The love she gives me is something I’ve never experienced and that you can’t understand until you see it or feel it yourself. I will just enjoy every single moment with her and be grateful for what she gives me everyday.

Do you have any pets?

Let’s spread the love,

Italian weekends are for pizza – #30happydays

My happy post for today is all about PIZZA!

I will not say that it is only a matter of stereotypes with Italians and pizza, because we actually all love it and eat it quite frequently. In my family we have the tradition of having pizza every single weekend, and it’s something I really enjoy as I can look forward to it all day being super excited!

We order it in, because even though homemade pizza is just as good, it is very different than the one from the pizzerias, since they have a special oven that provides that amazing taste and consistency.

The hard part is choosing the topping: I always want to try something new but the booklet with all the toppings you can choose is SO LONG it takes quite some time to find what you want! Aaah the struggles.

One thing I find different from the way I experienced pizza while out of the country, is that the regular portion for one person is A WHOLE PIZZA, not a couple of slices. You may probably think we are crazy eaters, but that’s just how it is. In fact, we probably are, Mediterranean cuisine is big 😂. Meals are a ritual and can last hours, as eating is not a fuel for life, but a pleasure to be enjoyed, a time to sit with the family and chat, a laid back reunion. Only downside of this is that by the time you get to your last slice, your pizza is already cold, but you know, it’s worth it!

What’s your favourite pizza topping?

From a food fan,

My birthday month – #30happydays

Happy first day of April!
April is my absolute favourite month, for many different reasons, but mainly because it’s my birthday month, and that birthday-happiness makes everything look more exciting! Spring is starting, the sun is (often) bright and shining, lots of flowers everywhere and my mood is definitely more positive!

So, since I am so excited to start my favourite time of the year, and since my birthday is coming up in a couple of days and it’s a pretty important one, I want to share my happy days with you, posting almost every single day, talking about whatever puts me in a good mood, telling you about the highlights of my day and trying to share some happiness!

For the first post of this series, I think we are starting with something really great: my first birthday card of the year. This morning I went our for some grocery shopping with my mom, and on my way back I found a little envelope with my address handwritten with one handwriting that I could recognise between millions: my host mom from Canada!

This probably needs a bit of explanation: when I was 17 I left Italy to go to Canada for a school semester. I was an international student attending the local high school and I’ve lived with THE MOST PERFECT FAMILY, creating such a strong relationship that I consider them part of me just as if they were my actual family.

Today I got my birthday card from them and this made me really happy. After three years we’re just as close as we’ve ever been, even more if that’s possible. I always keep in touch with them and I couldn’t bear not seeing them again… In fact, I have a trip planned for May, when I’ll go back and visit them, and I literally CAN’T WAIT.

I think I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to go and see the world, but even luckier because I got the chance to live with them. I spent four months out of breath, meaning that everyday there was something to be amazed by, from little things to big events.

Vancouver will forever be my second home and they will forever be my second family (we call it my extra-family), and I feel so enriched by this amazing experience. That place gives me chills and there’s always an overall calming atmosphere that makes me think that it is really my favourite place.

And this is the highlight of my day, a little card bringing me a great load of happiness, a symbol of this big part of my life that makes me who I am today.

If you want to keep updated and read my full month of happy days, follow me on my Twitter or come back here everyday!

Hope to share this journey with some of you,
Be happy!