Postcards from Prague

Hello everyone!

I planned on writing a travel blogpost for today’s Blogmas entry and I wanted it to be super Christmassy, but then I found these pictures from my last grad year school trip in Prague, and I just thought it’s such a lovely place to spend time in during winter time that I couldn’t help but share it with you. Bare with me if you won’t see a Christmas tree today, and enjoy Prague!

















London in just ONE DAY!

This weekend my lovely friend Lorela (her blog here) and I went on a super fast and exciting trip to LONDON!

DSC_0090Unluckily, our flight was delayed due to some kind of strike, so we ended up waiting for at least 6 hours sitting in front of a coffee at Mc Donald’s in Orio Centre, a mall located right beside the airport. We were quite mad, but actually we enjoy so much hanging out together that time went by very fast.

We got very tired during the day, as we were travelling from Turin to Milan, and then waiting for ages, and then travelling again to finally reach London, but as soon as the plane started to take off, we couldn’t help but unleash our excitement! (See a clip of our excitement on Lorela’s vlog)

Besides all the fun facts about our trip, maybe you’re interested in our itinerary, so let’s get started with the list!

  •  London Eye – 10 am: It’s the first turn in the morning. We actually didn’t enjoy it that much. The weather was foggy and the view was not the best. Once you’ve seen the Big Ben from above, it just looks like a plain town, WHICH LONDON ISN’T AT ALL, because it’s amazing indeed. We agreed that the London Eye at that particular time of the day doesn’t really let you appreciate the beauty of the city. Maybe try it out at night.


  • Big Ben, Houses of Parliament: They’re just across the street. You can have a look around, take pictures and such. You can’t get in during most months, as the Parliament is working. That’s not a problem, because  there wouldn’t be time anyways. Don’t mind waiting in line for hours to visit the Westminster Abbey. I know it must be beautiful, but remember that we only got one day, and we can’t waste any time waiting for ages. That particular queue went around the whole block – too much for us.


  • Buckingham Palace: to reach the huge square that faces the Palace, you must walk through some amazing gardens – take pictures and add the beautiful London-green-area to your check list. Once you get there, if you’re lucky enough, you can see the Guards.


  • Piccadilly: a must. Shops, movie theatres, chic cafes, gigs, restaurants, street artists. Treat yourself with some goodies at Primark – cheap, big, and with nice shop assistants.


  • British Museum/National Gallery: unfortunately we don’t have time to visit inside, but the view it’s worth it even from the outside. If you finish your tour on early afternoon, you can consider going back to those. Choose your favorite one, and spend the rest of the day in there.


  • London Bridge and Tower of London: we got there with the Tube, it’s faster. If you want to take nice pictures, go a bit further along the Thames, so that you can capture the bridge in all of its prominency.

DSC_0176 copy

That is exactly what we did, and it worked out perfectly. Of course we both wanted to stay longer and visit way more places and with more accuracy, but it wasn’t possibile this time. If you get any time left, go back to your favorite place and explore it all. That’s what I would do.

Enjoy your trip!