New in – Mac Lipsticks

So recently I got SO MUCH into lipsticks. In make up stores I only look for lipsticks , I swatch them all and I am always on the hunt for new shades. I tried to find THE dark red and THE nude that would fit me but I never felt satisfied with my purchases, until I went into MAC and just asked the shop assistant to try a few on to find the perfect one.

And this is how I found my stunning SIN and TWIG.



Here’s the most wanted dark red. It’s a matte finish so it’s not the easiest to apply, but oh my god  I love it so much! You know what, I love it SO much that I wear it even just for going grocery shopping and I couldn’t care less! YOLO!



This is the nude that I was looking for. It’s not a flash, it’s discreet, but still lovely. It’s not like you have nothing on, because honestly, if I wear make up, I want to see make up! I wore nude lipsticks that were actually invisible or that were so brown that made me look like a corpse! Twig is just perfect! It’s also a satin finish which makes it comfortable to wear.

These two are so far my absolute FAVES! I know we’re going into spring but I don’t know if I can leave my dark red in the drawer until next winter, ugh!

What do you think? What’s your favourite shade of lippie?

Makeup for fun,


Skincare of a 20-year-old

Unfortunately I am generally quite a lazy person but NOT when it comes to my skincare! I used to be very self conscious when the pimple-friend decided to make an appearance on my face, so I started having a skincare routine when I was about 14 and never stopped, sometimes only to prevent breakouts, sometimes to treat them. It’s been a while now since the last time I had an evident problematic skin *pimple gods please don’t read this*, but I always have a backup plan and a couple of emergency lotions just in case!

For regular days I use a Biotherm Aquasource combo: a gel moisturizer for combination skin + the eye cream from the same line.  I thought at some point in my life I should stop using anti-acne products because they can be too harsh on the skin, plus I won’t be a teenager forever and DAMN WRINKLES ARE AROUND THE CORNER! Jokes aside, at some point it is really important to start using a daily moisturiser to keep your face fresh and young even if you’re battling against the worst skin!


For face washing I switch up a rose water cleansing gel and a purifying face wash. The gentle rose water cleanser is from an Italian brand while the purifying one is from Ducray, which is one of my favourite brands for skincare. I really suggest you to check out their website to find what could work with your skin!
The rose water cleanser is also a makeup remover, but for the nights I still prefer a micellar water, which right now is the most talked about Garnier all in one.


For bad skin days I have a few emergency creams that I bought over the last couple of months and I like them all, picking one or another based on how bad my skin is. The Bioderma lotion for example is the strongest, and I use it when I’m kind of desperate. The two Ducray lotions are my favorite because they’re very gentle and for the first time in forever I feel like I found the right product that can REALLY control a shiny/oily skin, which is great!


What are your favorite products? Let me know!
Fresh face, happy face!

5 Tips for glasses wearers 

Hello to the world of glasses wearers! I got my first pair of prescription glasses when I was only 3, so it’s almost 17 years of glasses-living! I loved them, I hated them, I threw them and I talked to them. I’m being serious here. When I was little I played with them as if they were alive. I made a bed for them with their case. Yes. That happened. At this stage in my life I enjoy putting them on, I like the frame I got and I found some good tips that helped me a lot. Here’s what I learnt:

1. Wear mascara only on your outer corner lashes.

I have quite long lashes so if I put mascara on they slam on the lenses and leave black marks. ANNOYING! If I only put mascara on the outer corner of my eye though, the issue is pretty much solved!

2. Bring a cleanser with you.

I have some kind of compulsive need to have my lenses SUPER clear. I wash my glasses about 6 times a day but if I’m nowhere near a sink it’s a problem! A spray cleanser will work just fine for a bit, even though it’s not the same as regular water and soap!


3. Get them checked and tighten up every once in a while.

If you wear glasses 24/7 they most likely loosen up and get out of shape.  One of the rods may get too curved or the glasses themselves could get bent in some way. Take them to the store and they’ll fix them for you.

4. Find a frame that makes you WANT to wear them.

I used to feel uncomfortable with my glasses because I didn’t carefully choose the frame. When I got the one that I’m currently using it just clicked, it was immediately clear that it was made for me. This makes me feel good and I’m not uncomfortable anymore waring glasses. It’s like an accessory just like a hat or necklace could be!

5. Find what makes them pop up or look good with.

Some things put together on my face work, some don’t. Glasses + earrings + a hair band is something I don’t like on my face. A messy ponytail + glasses instead works fine. Also, when I had purple hair it really suited the frame. You should really try different combination and don’t be stubborn: without glasses something may look good and with glasses it may not look as good, and the other way around!

Do you have any other tips to add to the list? Let me know!


My Pandora bracelet.

I’m one of those girls who forget to put on jewellery before heading out, although I really love it, of course.

When I got my Pandora though I started wearing it every single day, because it’s a special one. You get the empty bracelet and you fill it with beads as you want, and every single bead or charm can have a meaning for you, or be the symbol of a milestone in your life. You can basically tell your story.


The first one I got is the friendship half-bead with the butterfly charm and the words “friends forever” written inside each one’s own half. I gave the other part to one of my closest friends, Maria, who is the first friend I made during my exchange semester in Canada. I love her to pieces and she’s also a fabulous singer.


Then my mom wanted to be on my bracelet – and actually she’s the main benefactor still – so she got me the little hearts bead with the little gold bit.


The globe clip (clips help the other beads to stay in place and not wander around your wrist), another gift from my mom, is a symbol of travel and experience of new things. She gave that to me on a day I felt trapped in the position I was in life at the time, right before my grad year. 791182

The suitcase is a christmas present from my best friend – she also owns a Pandora and we like to share beads  sometimes. It is also another symbol of travelling, something we have in common.790362

I got myself the stars clip just as a treat for me, and really because I needed it to balance everything.


Last additions were the camera and the pink butterflies bead: the camera is a symbol of my passion for photography, which also reminds me of my exchange trip to Canada, where I took a photography class within my electives.

The pink bead honestly was just to beautiful to be left in the store, plus it was just the right size to make my bracelet very balanced and symmetric, which I LOVE! 791483EN68

I definitely plan on getting another one, maybe with a different theme – this one seems to be all about travelling and my special perfect stay in Canada.

Credits: All the pictures of the single beads in detail are from, every other picture was taken by me.

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