5 Fails of a Newbie Blogger.

September 2015, I opened a blog. My 4th or something attempt. I know bloggers that started around the same time as I did and are now quite far into the blogging world, and I admire them so much. When I wondered why I feel so far behind, I realised there are a couple of things that I did wrong. Maybe “wrong” is not really the right word, because I’ve always seen my blog as a place to do what I feel like without feeling obligated, but this led to some fairly funny bloopers that I want to share with you.

OH MY GOD I was so hyped for this! My first entry  went down so well and it’s still my most viewed post. I guess everyone was so excited for Blogmas they read every single post they saw, but then the excitement started to fade. When I saw that nobody was reading my posts anymore I just stopped. I don’t know if I should have continued but one thing that really puts me down is seeing literally 0 views. I couldn’t make it, so I even deleted a couple of posts. FAIL!

I wouldn’t say this is a proper fail, because I never decided to post every single day, but I have to admit that finding 30 things that made me happy and write a blogpost around them wasn’t realistic. The things that make us happy aren’t always suitable for a blogpost… I mean, who cares about me going grocery shopping because the granola bars ile makes me giggle?

I don’t really know what to say to this. My first time with a remote control and a tripod. THAT WENT WELL!

When I accidentally posted blogging pictures on my personal Instagram.
I love Instagram but I didn’t want to merge my personal and blogging profiles, so I am keeping two. I don’t trust the multiple profiles feature in the new app, because one time it posted my blogging pictures on my personal profile, and I was so embarrassed I wanted to go hide in a cave. AWKWAAAARD.

Lack of Twitter promo.
I am not good at promoting my posts, so I have really nothing to complain if I don’t have the engagement I’d love. I hate spammy bloggers and I hate who posts one promo tweet every 20 minutes (like, literally every 20 freaking minutes!) but there has so be a line in the middle. I shouldn’t be afraid of posting a couple more links, I’m proud of my blog after all and I should share it more!

I hope this will be a new start for my blog. One of my many new starts. Every time I learn something more about me and what I can give to my blog, what I can keep up with, setting realistic goals for myself. I am still learning but I definitely want to start listening more to what I’m feeling and less to my *great ideas that fall apart after one week*.

I hope to share this beautiful ride with you all,


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