Lush Haul – #30happydays

Who doesn’t enjoy some shopping? I definitely do, so for today’s post I want to share with you some pieces I got from Lush – which to me looks like absolute heaven 😍

My favourite bath bomb! I love the smell to pieces, if only I could I would buy a perfume with the same scent! It does make the whole bathroom smell good though!DSC_0252.JPG

Tea Tree Water and Tea Tree Gel.
This is a great combo for combination skin, super refreshing and cleansing!DSC_0263.JPG

Mask of Magnaminty
I’ve been using this for years and I always go back and buy it! I love that it dries and you can scrub it on your face to deep cleanse it. It also smells like peppermint so it goes well with the overall freshness used with the toner and the gel when the skin is breaking out.DSC_0258.JPG

Unicorn Horn
This is a bubble bar that I got a few weeks ago, and unfortunately is not currently available. I’m sure they’ll bring it out again soon. It looks absolutely lovely and – of course – it smells fantastic. I don’t know if I can use it, it’s just SO PRETTY!DSC_0248

Which are your favourite pieces?

Have fun shopping,


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