My Volunteering Experience – #30happydays

So here comes a challenging topic to talk about on my blog. Not because it’s something bad, but because it’s so specific and unique I’m afraid I will never write well enough to make you all understand what it means to me.

Let’s start from the beginning.
My high school organises every year a summer camp inside the school. Kids from 6 to 13 years old come to stay for 8 hours everyday and a big excited and happy group of lovely students are there for them. I was part of this group.

Being part of this group means that you give your time and all your energies to those kids, and you don’t want to just babysit them, you want them to be entertained, you want them to be happy, to learn something new, you want to be a role model for them and always be there.

The group meet all year long once a week to share moments of growth together, in order to know how to do this in the summer, but more than anything to grow as a person, because we think that we should give the best of ourselves to the kids and be a stable figure with strong values to guide them the right way, being in the right place, neither from a friend’s spot nor from a teacher’s spot.

After doing this for four years, I decided to continue being part of the group, having a different role. I now talk to the younger guys about my past experience hoping to give them something for their own growth, I stand by them during this journey being there to catch them when they fall and to be proud when I see them doing some good for the world.

So what does this have to do with my 30 happy days?

It’s actually the most exciting thing of this month so far. I just spent the last three days preparing for and being at a massive retreat we had with all the volunteering groups that follow the same path as ours from the north and centre of Italy, and it was our turn to host it at our place. It’s been an amazing ride, just like always. We get tired but we are so excited and happy we don’t even notice. So we danced, we shared our experiences, we met new people and we left enriched, which is exactly the point of all this.

I always feel at home when I’m with the group and it is such a big part of my life I don’t think I’d be the same person without it. I overcame so many of my issues by going there and challenging myself, and also by talking with our tutors or the other group members – which have become my friends.

This is my happy post for the last three days and I think the highlight of the whole series so far.

Have you ever had a volunteering experience?

Do some good for the world,


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