Meet my dog! – #30happydays

What made me happy today was just a simple thing: realising how fortunate I am to know the love pets can give.

This is my dog Vanni, she’s a long haired german shepherd and has such a sweet attitude I am everyday amazed by her.
She sleeps A LOT, probably because she spends the night chasing who knows what in our backyard, and she SNORES a lot too.
Sometimes though she’s in a playful mood, like today, when she wouldn’t let me sit down on the floor without calling me with her paws (I think she believes she’s a monkey and not a dog, as she acts like she has actual arms). I managed to take a horrible quality picture with my phone to capture the moment:

We didn’t really train her to make her do stuff like roll over or jump when we say so, because she’s always had a great attitude on her own, except the occasional puppy-moment when she refuses to walk and sits down to make it clear. In fact, she makes a lot of things clear: she always lets us know if she needs to go out, by standing in front of the door looking at us, if she needs more water she moves her bowl, and things like that.
Sometimes she just wants a cuddle and she uses her paws to call us, and the whole scene sounds a lot like “hey, I’m down here, give me attentions!”
She never leaves our sides, if we’re in a room, she comes with us – with a priority for my mom. Mom is always mom after all!

She lays down right under our chairs or beside the sofa and just stays there for hours. During her naps she comes up with THE WEIRDEST poses, like this one, with her tummy and legs up in the air. She’s just too funny. She also recently learned how to open doors with her nose, so one day I found her in the bathroom while I was blowdrying my hair, one day I woke up and found her at the end of my bed, she came to sleep to my room.
One thing she never does is catching toys, she just can’t be bothered, no matter how excited you are to play throw and catch. I guess she got that from me, being this very active and athletic person I am! (Maybe I will talk about my non-ability to do sports later on)

I know a dog’s life is very short and that makes me so sad I can barely breath when I think about it. The love she gives me is something I’ve never experienced and that you can’t understand until you see it or feel it yourself. I will just enjoy every single moment with her and be grateful for what she gives me everyday.

Do you have any pets?

Let’s spread the love,


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