Italian weekends are for pizza – #30happydays

My happy post for today is all about PIZZA!

I will not say that it is only a matter of stereotypes with Italians and pizza, because we actually all love it and eat it quite frequently. In my family we have the tradition of having pizza every single weekend, and it’s something I really enjoy as I can look forward to it all day being super excited!

We order it in, because even though homemade pizza is just as good, it is very different than the one from the pizzerias, since they have a special oven that provides that amazing taste and consistency.

The hard part is choosing the topping: I always want to try something new but the booklet with all the toppings you can choose is SO LONG it takes quite some time to find what you want! Aaah the struggles.

One thing I find different from the way I experienced pizza while out of the country, is that the regular portion for one person is A WHOLE PIZZA, not a couple of slices. You may probably think we are crazy eaters, but that’s just how it is. In fact, we probably are, Mediterranean cuisine is big 😂. Meals are a ritual and can last hours, as eating is not a fuel for life, but a pleasure to be enjoyed, a time to sit with the family and chat, a laid back reunion. Only downside of this is that by the time you get to your last slice, your pizza is already cold, but you know, it’s worth it!

What’s your favourite pizza topping?

From a food fan,


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