My birthday month – #30happydays

Happy first day of April!
April is my absolute favourite month, for many different reasons, but mainly because it’s my birthday month, and that birthday-happiness makes everything look more exciting! Spring is starting, the sun is (often) bright and shining, lots of flowers everywhere and my mood is definitely more positive!

So, since I am so excited to start my favourite time of the year, and since my birthday is coming up in a couple of days and it’s a pretty important one, I want to share my happy days with you, posting almost every single day, talking about whatever puts me in a good mood, telling you about the highlights of my day and trying to share some happiness!

For the first post of this series, I think we are starting with something really great: my first birthday card of the year. This morning I went our for some grocery shopping with my mom, and on my way back I found a little envelope with my address handwritten with one handwriting that I could recognise between millions: my host mom from Canada!

This probably needs a bit of explanation: when I was 17 I left Italy to go to Canada for a school semester. I was an international student attending the local high school and I’ve lived with THE MOST PERFECT FAMILY, creating such a strong relationship that I consider them part of me just as if they were my actual family.

Today I got my birthday card from them and this made me really happy. After three years we’re just as close as we’ve ever been, even more if that’s possible. I always keep in touch with them and I couldn’t bear not seeing them again… In fact, I have a trip planned for May, when I’ll go back and visit them, and I literally CAN’T WAIT.

I think I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to go and see the world, but even luckier because I got the chance to live with them. I spent four months out of breath, meaning that everyday there was something to be amazed by, from little things to big events.

Vancouver will forever be my second home and they will forever be my second family (we call it my extra-family), and I feel so enriched by this amazing experience. That place gives me chills and there’s always an overall calming atmosphere that makes me think that it is really my favourite place.

And this is the highlight of my day, a little card bringing me a great load of happiness, a symbol of this big part of my life that makes me who I am today.

If you want to keep updated and read my full month of happy days, follow me on my Twitter or come back here everyday!

Hope to share this journey with some of you,
Be happy!



4 thoughts on “My birthday month – #30happydays

    1. Thank you 😀 I always tend to go back there when I have the chance to travel, but I definitely plan on finding other places to explore too! I’ve been to Prague, London and Paris too!


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