New in – Mac Lipsticks

So recently I got SO MUCH into lipsticks. In make up stores I only look for lipsticks , I swatch them all and I am always on the hunt for new shades. I tried to find THE dark red and THE nude that would fit me but I never felt satisfied with my purchases, until I went into MAC and just asked the shop assistant to try a few on to find the perfect one.

And this is how I found my stunning SIN and TWIG.



Here’s the most wanted dark red. It’s a matte finish so it’s not the easiest to apply, but oh my god ย I love it so much! You know what, I love it SO much that I wear it even just for going grocery shopping and I couldn’t care less! YOLO!



This is the nude that I was looking for. It’s not a flash, it’s discreet, but still lovely. It’s not like you have nothing on, because honestly, if I wear make up, I want to see make up! I wore nude lipsticks that were actually invisible or that were so brown that made me look like a corpse! Twig is just perfect! It’s also a satin finish which makes it comfortable to wear.

These two are so far my absolute FAVES! I know we’re going into spring but I don’t know if I can leave my dark red in the drawer until next winter, ugh!

What do you think? What’s your favourite shade of lippie?

Makeup for fun,


8 thoughts on “New in – Mac Lipsticks

  1. Twig is actually the next shade I want to try, it looks so pretty!
    I’m a little bit obsessed with MAC lipsticks, I own 16 now in total it’s not good haha.
    Lucie xo |


    1. Yeah I know what you mean, being pale it is hard to find nudes that don’t wash me out. Have you tried Velvet Teddy or Whirl? They are two of my favourites! xo


    2. Yes when I went into the store the day I bought these two I tried Velvet Teddy on (I actually went in specifically for that!) but it didn’t work as I expected! I still love it on other people though!


  2. I know what you mean about searching for that perfect colour match. MAC really does have a fabulous range. Love the colour you picked.


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