Skincare of a 20-year-old

Unfortunately I am generally quite a lazy person but NOT when it comes to my skincare! I used to be very self conscious when the pimple-friend decided to make an appearance on my face, so I started having a skincare routine when I was about 14 and never stopped, sometimes only to prevent breakouts, sometimes to treat them. It’s been a while now since the last time I had an evident problematic skin *pimple gods please don’t read this*, but I always have a backup plan and a couple of emergency lotions just in case!

For regular days I use a Biotherm Aquasource combo: a gel moisturizer for combination skin + the eye cream from the same line.  I thought at some point in my life I should stop using anti-acne products because they can be too harsh on the skin, plus I won’t be a teenager forever and DAMN WRINKLES ARE AROUND THE CORNER! Jokes aside, at some point it is really important to start using a daily moisturiser to keep your face fresh and young even if you’re battling against the worst skin!


For face washing I switch up a rose water cleansing gel and a purifying face wash. The gentle rose water cleanser is from an Italian brand while the purifying one is from Ducray, which is one of my favourite brands for skincare. I really suggest you to check out their website to find what could work with your skin!
The rose water cleanser is also a makeup remover, but for the nights I still prefer a micellar water, which right now is the most talked about Garnier all in one.


For bad skin days I have a few emergency creams that I bought over the last couple of months and I like them all, picking one or another based on how bad my skin is. The Bioderma lotion for example is the strongest, and I use it when I’m kind of desperate. The two Ducray lotions are my favorite because they’re very gentle and for the first time in forever I feel like I found the right product that can REALLY control a shiny/oily skin, which is great!


What are your favorite products? Let me know!
Fresh face, happy face!


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