The Dark Side Of Twitter

I wish I could say that actively following a blog means that you type in everyday their web address and go straight to it, but as a reader myself I know that’s not often the case, unless we’re talking about my couple of favourite bloggers ever. To make sure there’s someone out there reading what you write, you need to share your links, and Twitter is probably everyone’s favourite. OH REALLY THANKS I DIDN’T KNOW THAT. Yes, sorry. What I want to talk about today is all the downsides you can encounter on the platform. It makes me a bit upset because I can see that if you behave in certain annoying ways you’ll get faster results, while if you refuse to be a promoting machine you end up alone in this big world of bloggers.

First thing that comes to my mind, people that share 20 promotional tweets a day. Is that what I’m supposed to do? I don’t want to be that kind of blogger. I want to be a person. Don’t get me wrong, I do promote my posts and I love seeing other bloggers sharing their links too, so that I can read them easily, but there should be a limit. I want a fresh timeline, I want to see what you all are up to, I want to see real people AND their posts. But not the same post popping up every half an hour.

I also CANNOT STAND all the ‘follow-unfollow’ game. I am okay with a regular revision of my following list, but it’s not like I unfollow every single person after a minute only in the name of being noticed. In this particular moment I am interested in every single person I follow, I favorite their tweets and always read their posts, because I know the bloggers and I like to keep updated with them. If you randomly follow people hoping to get more engagement how can you keep it up with your timeline and be present for those you really want to follow?

This brings me to another concern of mine, which is following more than a certain number of people. Like, say you follow 10k people. Do you actually care about them? Do you read what they write? Do you remember their names? I don’t think so.

I think it’s really important that we remember that first of all we’re PEOPLE, and then active users of the internet. Our generation got a great opportunity, nowadays anyone can follow their passions and dreams more easily, we can connect, we can meet great people. We still have to keep ourselves down to earth though and remember what the real life is, what being a person means.

I’m sure most of our favourite bloggers who made it up to the top didn’t use spammy methods to get there, because at the end of the day what matters to a reader is to feel that on the other side of the screen there’s a true person, a person they can trust, a person they can think of as a friend, and that’s exactly why blogging is beautiful and rather preferred than grabbing a glossy haute couture magazine.

What do you think about blogging and spammy twitter users?

Keep it real,



5 thoughts on “The Dark Side Of Twitter

  1. I agree with you Noemi, it should be all about getting to know the real person behind the blog than all these gimmicky methods used.. It gives it a much more personal touch and makes it more emotional for both the blogger and the reader. When I read blogs, I want to know about the people behind it more than anything else 🙂


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