My March Instagram theme and how to manage it.

I love photography, so Instagram is definitely my favourite social platform. I love scrolling through bloggers’ feeds, they all look so glossy and professional. I learned a lot watching others and I still have a lot to catch up with, but I do my best!

I decided to try something a little bit different to make my profile look nice, so this month I tried to post three pictures in a row, instead of just one, with the same theme. My pictures all together look nice and I think following a theme for three pictures in a row is way easier than sticking to one single theme for ALL your pictures.

If you fancy trying it, I have some tips I try to follow when I want to build my line of pictures:

Untitled-1– Keep the same background and change the main subject of the photo. It’s important to keep the same color/brightness/size and overall settings for each picture to make it look exactly the same except for the main subject.

– While keeping the same color theme, post your main subject in the middle picture, and use the other two as an “additional background”, snapping two very similar, less detailed photos. (see my last Instagram line with the teabags)

– When taking a selfie, post your three best shots. They will have the same background, lighting and makeup/hair/outfit look. We all know we take hundreds and then delete the most horrible ones gradually until we get our favorite. This time stick to your top three.

– If you really like THE picture you took, post it with different filters.

– Again, when taking a selfie, strike the same pose and change only one detail that makes the photo pop up. It may be the lipstick, your earrings or something you’re holding.

– Take three totally different pictures but keep ONE recurring important detail: it may be a flashing color or the same accessory.

I will say this is a bit of an effort and definitely more difficult than snapping here and there, but I want to see for how long I can go doing it because I am really enjoying it and I feel with this I am boosting my creativity. I’m not completely satisfied with how it looks yet but I’m getting there!

What do you think? Do you find it annoying when someone posts 3 pictures in a row or you don’t mind? Do you think it’s nice to go to someone’s Instagram and find a feed like this?
Follow my Instagram to see my progress! @joynblog

Keep snapping,


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