Planners Heaven

Have I said how much I love stationery yet? Probably 10 times already. I also need organisation in my life and planners are exactly the right compromise between lovely pieces of paper and planning. I tried using my phone but I just feel it’s not as satisfying as handwriting and doodling.

I spent quite a lot of time looking for the perfect planner, and I still think I have so much to learn about them. I could not be happy with just one, so I am currently using three different planners… too much? Maybe. I’m using all of them but for next year I will try something different. Maybe a big one, maybe making my own.. We’ll see!

For this year here’s my final arrangement:

  • The Happy Planner: you probably have seen this a lot around, it’s quite popular and the nicest I could find. I love that you can get a lot of different add-ons for all your needs, I love the quotes and the graphic. I leave this at home as my “big planner”, I use it to plan my days, my studying and my goals. It also has a great section before each month where you can write down birthdays and events, which is very helpful.
  • Small Weekly Planner: this one is a limited edition for one of the biggest book stores here in Italy and I was lucky enough to find it in time because it has exactly what I needed. I wanted to have a little planner to pop in my bag everyday, kind of like a calendar. I used this a lot when I was in high school to plan my daily tests and now I use it for various appointments and meetings.
  • Blog Planner: I made this myself from a nice plain notebook divided in sections. I designed the cover on Photoshop and I frequently switch it around when I get bored with it. I decided to use the sections in this order: blog photography planning, blogpost ideas, tips and tricks for bettering the blog, and finally various extras.


Do you like using planners?



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