Back to blogging.


Hello there!

Don’t know who am I speaking to.  This is probably a post of those which will be cancelled in the future due to massive embarrassment. I don’t want to try and be professional today. I’m just gonna say things straight.

This blog is not my first. I opened at least 5 in the past, all different. With Joyn though, things got serious. I managed to stick around for a while. The first months are the hardest, I’ve always known that. You work hard and you get nothing. You pour yourself into a personal post and you get 3 views, you snap a picture of the last Mac lipstick and you get 20. I went down the confusion lane.

I love them both, my personal stuff and my Mac lipstick. I want to blog about them both. I don’t care if it’s not right.

I got upset with my blog. I got upset with myself for not being perfect. I got upset A LOT with Twitter, because it’s great and all that, but damn, so much spam! You think 20 promotional tweets a day are cool? Nope! You think you can follow and unfollow me ten times a day so that I’ll notice you and follow back? Get out now!

I tried to do Blogmas. I had great ideas. Posts were not perfect, I know. Nothing is perfect, especially if you’re only at the beginning. I had way less readers when I was blogging every other day than when I blogged randomly. So I stopped. It’s been two months and I haven’t picked up my blog again yet.

I miss this, though. So I’m back. I’ll do my best. We can be friends. We can have fun. Let’s do this again. Let’s be positive and do what we love!

Sending positive vibes,




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