My Tea Collection


Hello! Welcome to my third post of my 12 days of Blogmas! πŸ˜€

Today I want to share with you one of my favourite things to do during the winter: drinking a cup of tea! I find it so cozy and it relaxes me a lot after a long day, when I’m finally done with all the studying or when I get back home from Uni.

I found this lovely tea box in a local homewear shop and I filled it with all my favourite teabags and other hot drinks infusers.


For a more accurate look, here is all it’s inside in more detail:



Twinings Fruit Infusions (not exactly the same ones as you will find in this link, because here in Italy we get a few less items in general)

Twinings Honey and Vanilla Flavoured Camomille – Bonomelli Relaxing Infusion* – Bonomelli Orange and Honey Flavoured Camomille


Lipton Black TeaTwinings English Breakfast (international blend) – Twinings Earl Grey (international blend)

Tazo Chai Tea from Starbuck’s – Twinings Voyage Indian Chai* (cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom) – Twinings Voyage African Tunda* (pineapple)



Twinings Yunnan (my favorite!) – Twinings Assam

Twinings Classic Green TeaTwining Jasmine Green TeaTwinings Lemon Green Tea


Twinings Lemon Scented TeaTwinings Four Red FruitsTwinings Vanilla – Twinings Agrumance*

Lipton Citrus Green Tea* – Lipton Orient Green Tea* – Sir Winston Tea Blueberry Decaffeinated Green Tea* – L’Angelica Green Tea*

Which ones are your favourites? I will for sure place an order soon on the Twinings UK online store as I’ve been seeing a lot of goodness I need to add to my collection!

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*I’m sorry I couldn’t find these flavours on websites in english!



7 thoughts on “My Tea Collection

  1. What a great tea collection! I have my tea bags in a pretty painted Indian wood box, but I only have Whittard’s Chai at the moment so I must buy more! I love Twining’s Chai too and also Rooibos tea which is perfect with a little honey and no milk.

    Stephanie Jane


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