What’s in my bag – University Edition


I recently struggled a lot trying to find a bag that I could use for both university days and days off.   I don’t like having to move my stuff around from bag to bag everyday, it also scares me because I may miss something important and leave it at home (like my monthly train ticket – that would be awful). A couple of days ago I found this beautiful bag from H&M and I think it’s perfect for both uses: it’s big enough to carry my notebooks and laptop or iPad for Uni days, and I can use it as my everyday bag. I just put in the Uni-extras and I’m ready to go!

Here’s what I keep:

Student Stuff.

DSC_0173Here I have my iPad, my notebook and a pencil case I got from H&M with all I need to study and attend classes. Sometimes I like to take my laptop with me instead of my iPad, especially on longer days when I could use it to write blogposts more easily.

Makeover Bag.

DSC_0178Everything I need for a quick stop in the bathroom – from makeup to hair to ‘girls stuff’.  Along with hair ties, pads, blisters, a nail file and deodorant wipes I carry the following makeup:

Emergency Kit.

DSC_0180You never know what you may need, right? I like to always be prepared, so here’s what I always keep in this little pouch:

  • Moisturising Cream Sample
  • Various tablets – from headaches to travel sickness I have something for it.
  • Eye drops
  • New pair of contact lenses – in case my glasses decide to abandon me or in case I need to rock a full face super extra magical makeup in two minutes time
  • A sewing kit. Yes, you read right, a sewing kit. You don’t want to walk around with ripped pants, do you? Well it did happen to me once. I was lucky to be able to run into my car and drive away, but you may not have the chance to. So, for future necessities, I got what I could need to save my dignity.

Various Essentials.


What all of you have in your bag – with some little more bits and pieces.

  •  Wallet – of course.
  • Mints
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Lip balms
  • Hair clip
  • Ear phones
  • Tissues
  • Phone (more frequently found in my pockets)

And this is what I need ready to grab. If you dig more into the remote places of my bag…

  • Power Bank – modern smartphones won’t survive a full day of usage from early morning to late night
  • Makeup removing wipes – when I’m on the train going back home I feel like my face is exploding: refreshing is always good
  • A calculator – I love  the science I’m studying but I can’t wait to get it over with the math and the physics
  • Glasses case with magical lens cleaner spray 


DSC_0186Since I travel a lot with trains and tubes I need something to keep my mind on: I either carry a book or my kindle, depending on what I’m reading at the moment.


Here it is! Now, I know it may seem a lot, but I have to say I really like the organisation I’ve come to with my bag. It took a while to decide what works best with me, but I think I found it!


Let me know what you like to keep in your bags!

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