My Photography Kit

I never knew I could fall in love this much with photography. I just happened to be put in a Photo  11 class while I was in Canada as an international student. At first I shot some bad stuff – I mean, I didn’t have a clue on how to use a reflex and above all with the MANUAL mode! I was just so lucky to have a wonderful teacher who I remember with a lot of affection: he taught me so much and now I can manage to shoot almost everything I want and HOW I want.

With a photography addiction comes a great love for cameras. During the last couple of years this is what I got:

Nikon D3100


I got this in October 2013 while I was taking the class. It’s the same camera my school had available for students and I learnt how to snap with this, so it seemed right to get the same one. I have the 18-55 lens kit – the basic one – and I found it okay so far. I would like to step it up some day and get a better lens, but for now I am good.

Fujifilm Instax 


I know you all know this one! It’s just fun and I couldn’t resist getting one. The film is quite pricey but I just save my instant pictures for special occasions, like holidays or moments I really want to remember.

Samsung NX3000


My most recent purchase! This is a mirrorless camera, so basically you get a really good image quality but the size of the camera itself is not as huge as a reflex. Also you can switch up the lenses and Samsung offers a great variety of them. I am fascinated by the technology of this, which I made my research on, and I was looking for something with a flip-up screen and wi-fi connection. I carry it with me everywhere I go! Another awesome thing is that it’s not as expensive as other mirrorless cameras around, so yeah, you probably understand that I am super excited about it!

You can clearly see that I got one camera for each kind, they are all different in some way and each one of them has something beautiful to add to my collection. I am very pleased with them and I frequently use them all!

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4 thoughts on “My Photography Kit

  1. We love photography and that’s probably our favourite part of blogging, but we have to admit that we don’t know as much about cameras as we would like to. We’re on the hunt for a new camera, and the mirrorless option has really intrigued us.

    M x K


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