My Pandora bracelet.

I’m one of those girls who forget to put on jewellery before heading out, although I really love it, of course.

When I got my Pandora though I started wearing it every single day, because it’s a special one. You get the empty bracelet and you fill it with beads as you want, and every single bead or charm can have a meaning for you, or be the symbol of a milestone in your life. You can basically tell your story.


The first one I got is the friendship half-bead with the butterfly charm and the words “friends forever” written inside each one’s own half. I gave the other part to one of my closest friends, Maria, who is the first friend I made during my exchange semester in Canada. I love her to pieces and she’s also a fabulous singer.


Then my mom wanted to be on my bracelet – and actually she’s the main benefactor still – so she got me the little hearts bead with the little gold bit.


The globe clip (clips help the other beads to stay in place and not wander around your wrist), another gift from my mom, is a symbol of travel and experience of new things. She gave that to me on a day I felt trapped in the position I was in life at the time, right before my grad year. 791182

The suitcase is a christmas present from my best friend – she also owns a Pandora and we like to share beads  sometimes. It is also another symbol of travelling, something we have in common.790362

I got myself the stars clip just as a treat for me, and really because I needed it to balance everything.


Last additions were the camera and the pink butterflies bead: the camera is a symbol of my passion for photography, which also reminds me of my exchange trip to Canada, where I took a photography class within my electives.

The pink bead honestly was just to beautiful to be left in the store, plus it was just the right size to make my bracelet very balanced and symmetric, which I LOVE! 791483EN68

I definitely plan on getting another one, maybe with a different theme – this one seems to be all about travelling and my special perfect stay in Canada.

Credits: All the pictures of the single beads in detail are from, every other picture was taken by me.

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2 thoughts on “My Pandora bracelet.

    1. Thank you! Yes I read something about the brand history! Also here in Italy we can’t get ALL the beads they make, that’s so sad! They made a collection all about Disney and I LOVED it but it was only available in the US 😭


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